Challenge yourself with the “3 Weeks Challenge”

What did you learn till now?
What are you going to learn next?

Would you like to show it to your fellow students, friends, or family?

Dance For Your Pole will challenge you to learn new moves according to level:

Pole dance flexibility moves 2x
Pole dance Strenght moves 2x
Static spins 1x
Spinning spin 1x
Regrip for level 3/4
Floortrick 2x

1-Pole sport
2-Pole artistic (tell a story)
3-Pole Exotic
4-Group performance
5-Chair or Stripplastic

How does it work?
1-Select category
2-Tell us your level
3-Selected your music.
4-Get your challenge moves

The challenge will start at 3 pm till 7 pm on the 6th of November 2022.

There will be 3 categories for winners first, second and third place.
1 Best Performance
2 Best Outfit
3 Best Tricks

We will help you if needed to put together your performance during Challenge open training.

How to sign in:
Sign up send us:
Whatsapp: +31619877869
Sign up before 10-10-2022

You can only attend if you are a member of DFYP!
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